Travis Satterfield has nearly twenty years of experience as Christian teacher and preacher. He has spoken for church and school events of all kinds, for all age groups, and on a variety of topics. Travis is passionate about seeing the truth of God’s Word flow from the head, to the heart, to the hands, and into every aspect of life.

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Topics and Titles


Evangelism in the 21st Century

Spiritual Formation in the 21st Century

Being a Berean: Studying God’s Word Well

Called to Work: A Theology of Vocation

Idols of Our Hearts


How a New Generation Defends the Faith

Faith & Reason: Closer than They Appear

Reasons to Believe: The Reality of God, The Resurrection of Jesus, & The Reliability of the Bible

The Problem of Evil Is Everyone’s Problem

Religion & Science: The Fight that Should Have Never Happened


From a Garden to a City: God’s Plan for Human Flourishing

Christians & Culture: Five Historical Approaches

Two Callings & Two Commands: Engaging Culture While Remaining Faithful

Biblical Principles for Political Engagement

Biblical Principles for Artistic Expression


Teaching Christianly: What Difference Should Our Worldview Make?

Try the Spirits: Teaching Students to Test Ideas

Core Concepts in Core Curriculum

Relationships: The Most Important Component of Classroom Management

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