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  • Say It with Me: Reductionism

    Say It with Me: Reductionism

    This is the fourth installment of a series, introducing terms and ideas that may be unfamiliar to most but are increasingly necessary for the thinking Christian to understand. Stephen Hawking died in March of 2018. He battled a disease for fifty-five years that should have taken his life in two. Dr. Hawking pushed the boundaries […]

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  • Why I love Superhero Stories

    Why I love Superhero Stories

    I love comic books. I love the storylines. I love the history behind the stories. I love the characters—most of them anyways. So, ever since the tidal wave of superhero movies flooded the past two decades, I have been all in. Sure, there were superhero movies before the year 2000, but well-made movies were few […]

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  • Book Review: So the Next Generation Will Know (McDowell & Wallace)

    Book Review: So the Next Generation Will Know (McDowell & Wallace)

    As a Christian parent, are you concerned that your children have doubts about the faith you are passing on to them? As a youth pastor or minister, are you troubled by the apathy so many of the kids in your youth group show toward spiritual things? As a Christian educator, are you worried that you […]

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  • Mending the Secular/Sacred Split

    Mending the Secular/Sacred Split

    Many Christians find themselves living in two separate worlds, one on Sunday and the other the rest of the week. They may see their faith as an add-on that merely supplements their daily routine. The effect that being a Christian has on their lives is limited to nominal traditions and comfort in times of crisis. […]

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  • A Brief History of the Secular/Sacred Split

    A Brief History of the Secular/Sacred Split

    In the previous post, I introduced a way of viewing human experience known as the secular/sacred split. In a nutshell, it is the idea that all our thoughts and actions belong in one of two distinct categories: Secular—all that is physical, practical, tangible, and temporal Sacred—all that is spiritual, abstract, intangible, and eternal It is […]

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  • Beware the Secular/Sacred Split

    Beware the Secular/Sacred Split

    Charles Spurgeon was famous for referring to the gospel as a caged lion. “It does not need to be defended,” he would say, “it just needs to be let out of its cage.” Keeping that analogy in mind, when we Christians are commanded to give a reasoned defense for the hope we have in Christ […]

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