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  • What’s a Student to Do?

    What’s a Student to Do?

    COVID-19…social distancing…quarantine… These are all words that we seldom, if ever, heard before a couple of weeks ago. Now we see and hear them several times a day. The fact is, we have never seen anything like this before. The spread of the Coronavirus is the type of event that will be in future editions […]

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  • A Devotional Thought from Richard Dawkins

    A Devotional Thought from Richard Dawkins

    Last fall, acclaimed atheist Richard Dawkins released his newest book, Out Growing God. For those familiar with Dr. Dawkins’ previous books, the book offers nothing new. However, this book has a more targeted audience: teenagers. Dawkins dedicates the book to “all young people when they’re old enough to decide for themselves.” In the book he […]

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  • Four Things Christianity Allows Us to See 20/20

    Four Things Christianity Allows Us to See 20/20

    (I know, I know. We’re all already tired of the “2020 Vision” themes. But this opportunity only comes twice in the timeline of human history–and the first time we weren’t even counting years the same way, nor were we measuring vision the same way. So humor me.) Few ideas have made an impact on me […]

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  • 2019 Reading Review

    2019 Reading Review

    Last year, when I wrote about my reading journey through 2018, I did not know what to expect. I worried about coming across as braggy. I wondered at the anxiety that would come from broadcasting my yearly reading goal. However, I only wanted to encourage others to engage in one of God’s greatest gifts to […]

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  • Personal > Digital

    Personal > Digital

    Have you ever learned a lesson that you should have already known? I spent the first half of this year doing exactly that. I have heard all my life how important friends are.  I have been taught since childhood that if I am to have friends, I must be a friend worth having. I have […]

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  • 3 Bible Passages for Thinking about Joshua Harris

    3 Bible Passages for Thinking about Joshua Harris

    Have you heard about Joshua Harris? Chances are you have heard more about him in the past two weeks than you have in the past two years. If not, allow me to update. Two weeks ago, Harris and his wife announced that they were getting a divorce. This is big news for the former megachurch […]

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