Book Recommendations: Introductions to philosophy

A couple of weeks ago, I began working towards my master’s degree in philosophy of religion. A couple of days ago, I posted a video with several of the books that have to read for my classes this semester. I had someone comment, asking which of the books I would recommend. All of those are pretty technical, but I do have some really solid recommendations if you’re looking for an introduction to philosophy.

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The second recommendation is by Simon Blackburn. He is not a Christian, but his work is well-known. The book is titled Think: A Compelling Introduction to Philosophy. And I agree with the subtitle! It is a fascinating book. He did an excellent job of explaining certain important concepts. But what I love about Blackburn is that he explained things just enough to make me want to go further and find out more–always a sign of a good book. (click the affiliate link below)

The third recommendation is probably my favorite in this list. It’s titled Philosophy Made Slightly Less Difficult by two Christian philosophers, Garrett DeWeese and J.P. Moreland. It’s just a great book. I love the title, and I really think they delivered on it. They made philosophy slightly less difficult. And it wasn’t just that they were exposing the reader to some important ideas. They did a fantastic job of showing how the different disciplines of philosophy relate to each other. This is a really important thing to wrap your mind around before you really jump into philosophy. (click the affiliate link below)

Are you into philosophy? What is a good introduction that you would recommend? Let me know in the comments!

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